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What is a Brand?

A brand is considered as one of the most important aspects of any kind of business e.g logo design service. Why some of us make tall claims that we are here to brand the businesses when we mostly fall way too short on its scope and bind ourselves to mere logo design? There are so many factors and aspects that impact certain brands and some of these factors or aspects can play a key role in the creation of a unique and everlasting brand. More often than not, we overlook the true meaning of a brand and we require it to entirely comprehend this particular field.

“Brand” as a word is as unsuitably utilized as “weight” as a word (actually which means the force vertically exerted by a mass as the result of gravity – the specific word for a definition we have in our knowledge is mass for weight). Dictionaries describe the brand as a form of the noun (that is the place, a person, an action or a thing), but during our everyday conversation, it is a norm to use word brand interchangeably as a verb (an action, that is). A ‘brand’ is generally thought of as something which is used to put on the letterhead of any company (including your logo or identity).

It is very much a likable way as Brian Hoff described brand during an interview with a host:

An emotional response that a company receives is what we know as a brand. The feeling, emotion or sentiment what someone feels, tastes and sees when he or she comes across a brand for the very first time. A logo that is memorable is just a start – yet the extremely crucial start – that procures the overall tone of your existing or new brand.”

We always need to aid our clients with some unique and necessary strategy. This strategy is termed as branding – very much like usability and copywriting. While a logo is the most important initial impression for any of your projects, it just cannot be stopped there. A brand required to have a reflection in the style, content, and feel of any website and spread to be every corner of your business.

The brand typically includes;

  • Name of the brand (product’s name or service’s name)
  • The positioning of the brand (the niche of the business)
  • Management of the brand (marketing techniques and its application)
  • Brand Equity (results or effects of the marketing)
  • The awareness
  • The Image
  • The Value
  • Definition of the Brand (the distinctive name or/and symbol, including colors and the logo)

Effects of the Brand;

  • The customer service
  • The aesthetics of website/business card/brochures/letterheads/logo/clothing
  • The sounds (music which is played), the sights (furnishings and buildings), and tastes (what is being served), etc.
  • The content of the brand including titles

Wait just wait! How does the brand affect our five senses?

We expect a lot of things from the brand which falls pretty close to the human’s five senses. For instance, what comes to our minds when we try to imagine or ponder over an Apple store? We normally imagine people who are friendly and are in bright clothing with respect to colors, a clean and neat atmosphere in which each and everything is well structured and designed. Moreover, when we do interact with the customer service department’s personnel either through phone support or via in-store, we tend to get the same sort of feelings.

There exists a majority, who have the knowledge that the logo of Apple is an apple with a bite (big bite) taken out from it. For a person, who might never have heard of Apple and was stranded with the logo and in absence of everything that arrives with it, we might imagine that they are farmers of apple. But it is due to the reason that their identification or recognition of the importance of the brand over and above their original logo, that products of Apple and services are comfortably distinguishable.

But still, some of the companies merely deal with businesses that have an online existence. You cannot smell or see a website. You even cannot taste any website. Someone would actually prefer to dispute against this: as a designer our job is to provoke emotions of the general public. When someone goes to the website of Pizza Hut, he or she can smell and taste their product that is pizza. There might not be, literally, anything for anyone to eat while being on a website (if anyone who can do this, kindly take that one to a repair shop which is the near most).

The factors affecting brands

Businesses too can impact their brand or brands logo design service both in a positive way and in a negative way. They can do so by simply seeing their own actions and making sure that they have the reflection of the business they are eager to receive, and socially are sustainable enough and equally responsible for actions of their own. But businesses both as designers and consumers can impact their brand brands logo design in negative and positive methods. Since we can positively impact a brand by supplying consumers’ reviews, both good and critical in nature. While we can make a brand image as negative, by nurturing branding elements (like colors and the logos) which do not reflect the particular business as well.

Following are a few of the important and helpful questions that a designer or businessman can ask their clients. These questions are crucial in making identity pieces (for example, custom logo design of the client, letterhead, business card, etc.):

  • What are the words that you would use to define your company logo design company
  • What are the words that we would like for our clients to use to define our company logo design company
  • In what ways our business brands logo design is different as compared to our competitors
  • In what way do you want us to strive to provide our customers with a better experience in competition to the guy next to us?


Branding without a careful analysis of overall impressions custom logo design, any business creates on its customers is useless. Where we may be subject to make identity pieces, we are bound to make sure they are a reflection of the company in a proper manner, so as a result, the effective brand comes out.

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What Is The Best Shape For A Logo?


We are right now, standing in the middle of the large scale branding project. It initiated with the analysis of competitors of the clients their targeted audience and are currently in the finalization stage of the development of logo purification or refinement and the initial phases of the design for a website.

We are now purifying the design of our logo, we have had a quite interesting chat about “What should be the best design or shape of a logo?” And discussing the suitability or satisfactory aspects of having various versions for our logo. Just like the one which is more of a horizontal in look and design. While the other one is grouped or categorized as more compact in look.

So, here we are using other examples to describe and explain our point of view; since we are work in progress as far as the work of one of our client is concerned.


During the days of my design school, we were more often than not, taught about the ideal shape or design for the logo is the one which looks like a horizontal rectangle. It does not really mean that the real or actual shape of your logo has to be rectangular in looks, but the area should have a look like a wide rectangular area.

This has to be normal for viewing for the eyes of the human. That is why these are utilized in the movie theatres. This shape or format is now increasingly becoming more and more mainstream as Televisions and monitors of the computer are too more generally created with this format of widescreen. That shape or look can easily and quickly be seen, while a more skinny and tall or over and above wide format may look longer for a human eye to watch and recognize any particular information.


Currently, there are multiple applications which need a version for your custom logo design that looks like a square in shape. Avatars and favicons are two general places where you might have a requirement to represent your brand or company with a tiny, square shape of your brand’s logo. Some graphic designers are making efforts to create or construct the logos that are notably square, to begin with. Other designs or shapes which are square fitted would now be a second closest choice, for example, triangles or circles. They must have a similar width and height dimension.


An important problem arises when the business name or brands logo design is quite long. This certainly becomes a herculean task to deal with. In these sort of cases, it can become hard to make a design of a logo or custom logo design which is grouped or constructed tightly. If you are commencing from point zero, you may desire to give short time a real consideration. There are so many advantages to a snappy and short name. And single one out of those advantages is that you are now enabled to design and contemplate a logo design which is quite compact.

With a title such as Visible Logic, I can understand the problems!

One of the companies that resolved this problem was FedEx. For quite some time, they battled to be named their name in full: Federal Express. But subsequently, they resolved to get to the nickname which every single individual was using: FedEx. This opened up or unlocked the world of multiple opportunities when they get themselves towards rebranding. What kicked off as a feeble logo, was redeveloped and is currently now admired and praised as if not best, but definitely one of the best.

You can easily see with the example of FedEx, that selecting a shorter version of the brand name or brands logo design can be a lot more beneficial. But, this is not the singular and only consideration. The name requires to make some logical sense to the general public. It is necessary to have an ideal, available and considerable domain name. You may also have a brand that has been in the business with success for the quite a long time. While it does not bring sense to limit or shorten your brand name. (You might not have the budget as of like FedEx have for marketing purposes, nor their opportunities for promotion on the corners of planes and trucks all along the globe).


Going back to school design days once again, I can easily remember of being told that; “Since a rectangle, which is wide, is one of the ideal shape or design for the logo”. You always should have a particular version which can easily get fitted on either side of a pen. Frequent items use for giveaway purposes are generally pens. As some of the businesses and trade shows generally rely on various sort of pens for their promotional activities. In modern times, it is usually common to require a horizontal shaped version in the premises of a website header or banner.

It is suitable to have various versions of your brand’s logo. You probably go for more than one model of the logo. For example a colorful version and one version for black and white background. With tactful planning, you should enable yourself to create numerous, related, tightly and a variety of logos. So that you are ready to have the best-fit application. An example of both stacked and wider version of the logo of British Airways.

Roaming around on the internet, you would also find yourself unable to discover a snap of headquarters of British Airways which is in a stacked version, but white in type.


Here are some useful tips for logo usage:

Fewer Variations are better

Still, it is ideal to keep one version for the logo at a time and try to use it in every possible scenario. By not using variations provide your simplest way to ensure a maximum impact.


Prioritize options of your logo

It is convenient to see one version of the logo at a time. Make it a “master version” and then comes the secondary versions.

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Solutions for Your Logo Design Problems

Starting a business is easy but maintaining it can be really difficult, creative logo design can help your business to grow and attract more customers. A logo is not a brand but it is basically your business identity. What do you recall when you see the images like a bitten apple, a swoosh design most likely you think of Apple, Twitter and Nike right? All you saw were pictures no words just a graphical symbol of your company or product, in other words, a LOGO. Too many small business owners underestimate the importance of a great logo design, these small companies think that if they are small then it’s good to stay small and then they wonder why no one takes there company seriously. Quite simply your logo is your first impression and as the famous saying says “your first impression is your last impression” it is the face of your business. A creative logo design lets people know if you are armature or professional, cheap or expensive, trustworthy or shady looking.  The importance of a logo should be taken as seriously as you take other aspects of your business. A trending logo design lets people know that you are a professional and very serious about your business, it creates an instant level of trust and that is something every business owner absolutely needs. A colorful logo design acts as a visual reference to your brand. Logos are pictures, writings, shapes, or a blend of the three that delineate the name and reason for a business – to say it basically. A creative logo design should be more than the symbol for the identification of a company. If a logo is professionally designed, it conveys the whole story of the product and the organization to its customers that help to establish a healthy relationship with the targeted audience and clients.  A good logo consists of the following components


Colors can directly influence your perspective of thinking and hormonal functioning, for example, the red color is involved in enhancing the human metabolism, human emotions and is related to love and romance. Many companies use this color to attract the audience towards them. Similarly yellow is a vibrant color which is linked with the sunshine and is involved in making people feel happy and satisfied, it also makes people feel fresh and is mostly used by the companies providing food services like M of McDonald’s is yellow, but the overuse of yellow is also not good as it leads to isolation and feeling of fear. Right colors tell your audience if you are innovative, playful or serious. Your logo shading palette can be comprised of a solitary shading or a few in spite of the fact that we prescribe remaining inside a few shading mixes. The hues you pick will later saturate other marking materials you make too, so pick shrewdly!


Typography plays an important role in making a trending logo design many logo services providing companies also provide the option of adding different fonts in your logo. However, when it comes to designing a logo it is really important to choose the right font for your logo. There are many logotypes in which you can add your favorite fonts to design a logo for example

  • Wordmark logo design: this design includes the full name spelling of the company, custom colors and fonts are used in it. They are simple and easy to understand. For example Facebook, Google, and visa.
  • Letter mark logo design: this design includes a symbol or mostly the first initial of the company’s name. This design is widely used and many custom fonts and designs are used in it.
  • Emblems: in this design, the name of the company is encompassed by the design, for example, NFL, Starbucks, etc.


What do you recall when you see a ghost symbol or a camera symbol? Snapchat or Instagram right? Similarly, an image for the logo can be anything from a camera symbol to an arrow symbol. From a blue bird symbol used for twitter to a bull used for red bull. Your image should be unique and creative so that people do not confuse it with any other company. While choosing the image also check the geometry and the symmetry of the logo because everything that is balanced looks perfect.


A good professional logo design should have the following qualities:


Simple logos are easy to recognize and understand. Many logo services providing companies make custom made logos according to your need. The simple it would be great it will look. Many companies opt for colorful logo design they do look good but too many uses of hues can degrade the look of the logo. Simple logo designs can be completely unique without being too complicated


Make a creative logo design that is memorable as you want to establish your brand so go for a logo design that is impossible to forget and easy to remember. Biological science says that people tend to recognize images first instead of the names. It represents who you really are and what your organization does. Having a creative logo design which is recognizable puts your business in an ideal place to grow and attract new customers


While making a logo keep the category of the audience you are targeting, it makes a big difference who your audience is and for whom you are designing your logo. For example, a colorful logo design would be appropriate for children and for funeral home service you can choose to go with black and grey colors. In fact, the psychology of the colors should also be kept in mind when making a colorful logo design.


Trendy logo designs look good today but do not look good after years and after some time. You need to create a logo that is timeless for example the logo of the famous beverage company Coca-Cola. Try to design such logos that stay effective for five, ten or twenty years.

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The Web Designing Lessons You Need To Know

When we go past and look back in the past and roam in the happenings of the past and then come back and realize how far we have arrived, in relation to custom web design services. This is what exactly the web professionals have described the lessons they have learned over the course of last one year time and they tell us.

Covering each and every aspect as to what one must strictly follow just with one stack and how to work less; below are some of the lessons which could be helpful for you to shake you up or streamline your workflow in the current year and in future with respect to custom web design services.

So here are some of the pearls of wisdom which some of the developers and web designers have found or discovered:

Usage of clear language

The key is always to usage right and clear language. According to one of the famous creative director Guy Utley; I am of the opinion that fancy words do not create that much of impact and go down best than an approach which is straight-talking. If we look through the industry as a whole, it is a constantly prevalent urge towards usage of overcomplicated words to depict what we (as developers) do. This gives the impression that some agencies and firms have very much structured the languages of their own about custom web design.

For instance, ‘Movement of modern consumers’. Or ‘Arrive out! With our idea’. According to the meaning of one of Sir Winston Churchill’s quote: “If I get more time, I might have preferred to write shorter letters.”

Find out the right environment

“We use to spend much of the time at our workplace.” This was said by Jeremy Clemans, a backend developer. “We can put our efforts to be ourselves and it’s a need of the hour too.” His message for the corporate world is to craft a certain type of environment which inspires the people of that certain workplace to grow and do tremendous work i.e custom web design. Most of the people think of the idea of job hunting for the purpose of interviews and CVs, but one has to desire to discover a linkage both ways, and that is much about a corporate culture and the people, less about skills checklist.

Do not go to become a one-trick pony

A digital and branding studio known as Solmark Creative, having expertise in fitness space and in the wellness, focused on retention of clients last year. According to the creative director and owner of the studio, Jenni Schwartz:

“During the time period when we, predominantly, were hired for the projects which were one-off, we had a firm belief that we had so much capability as compared to a stage of the initial build. So we started to clearly describe the certain services clients can advantage from, permitting them to make a budget for a continuing relationship. In continuance of this, we have exhausted and shifted from the level of task-driven through to the level of results-oriented and our relationships with our client have gone from strength to strength, and hence more rewarding.”

Remain with the stack

A senior developer of PHP, Adam Innes has a firm opinion which is ‘stick with the stack’. “The rapid increase of technologies, new libraries and methods to do certain things is really a danger-filled path towards time wastage,” Innes explains. “The impacts of grasping any new thing can definitely be a far-reaching towards the process of development and definitely have a large impact on the budget of project and sanity of your programmers.”

So keep the main stack stable and do experiments in the increments. Involving your team into the trends of the latest technology is such type of decision that requires a plan which is well planned.

Usage of new tech

“In the last one year, I have grasped to execute new technology in almost every project that I start,” says software engineer (front end), Marco Poletto. “Everything serves your objective: new framework, new tools, and new syntax. This approach or method aids me quite a lot in this rapid-paced world, thanks to most of these continuous and small inclusions, I have definitely been able to minimize the time which I spend to keep myself up-to-date after my hours of work. It has really been a quite productive and fruitful year and my web development passion is and has been increasing leaps and bounds.”

Learn to put the least effort

Do you know the crucial and important lesson that I have learned in the last year as the digital agency’s Chief Executive Officer? The answer to this question is power to say NO. Tells Amanda Seaford, Miriam’s CEO. “In other terms, if you want to achieve more, you actually need to do work or do less.”

“In the practical world, it means lesser things, fewer initiatives, fewer emails and also unique business efforts – which might resonate like you might are accomplishing less. But in real terms, you are making efforts to do each and everything that leads to poor or many unfinished tasks, while saying ‘NO’ take you towards focus and results have come with focus. With the help of focus, anyone can achieve anything we tune our mindset towards i.e web design services.”

Educating the clients

Over the past 12 months, one thing which has become crystal clear in the mind of Chris Day, an agency owner. “Marketing of one of the renowned software WYSIWYG has increasingly become so much exaggerated which many of the business’ clients trust they can really deliver any sort of functionality they can only dream of in just a matter of seconds, and that for free too,” Day says. So as of now, we are responsible to give more education. Moreover, education early on during our processes in our projects with clearly described the flexibility level is important as well. Further to this, we must try to talk and explain about the necessity and importance of consistency of the brand, compliance, and accessibility in web design services, which also can suffer in the environment of WYSIWYG.”

Logo Design Service
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The Importance Of Having The Right Logo

The right and correct logo keeps the opinion and says each and everything without asking and saying a single word. It has the feelings and emotions of trust, pride, honor, integrity, and excellence. It conveys and transports a chain of a set of values and virtues without having any sort of need for a team of the skilled and expert copywriters or dozens of pages of different types of copy. It invokes and ignites a sense or emotions of a special connection between various consumers and a brand. It creates and establishes a strong bond between a brand or company and its community of friends, critics, fans, champions, and allies.

A logo or the brand is in the shape of exclamation. (It might be even a sign or an exclamation point). It acts or purports as a sign or symbol of commitment towards clients and customers and a symbol representing success. It really is the completion or fulfillment of a long term and ongoing partnership between the owners of a business and the business’ or brand’s graphic designer; whose alliance and collaboration plays a part of communicator and whose completed and final approved design is the outcome of discussions and table talks about how the logo should look alike and what should be the logo which directly and exactly conveys the brand’s message.

The logo should not just be about what is its looks. But should also be about how it pulls or attracts the attention of contemporary and some of the potential customers or clients. In many of the cases, the logo is either very simple in looks or a self-explanatory logo. Take an example of Westgarth Wines. Its logo has a color combination of trio having all-black of wine bottles, a silhouette in this logo stands above, for the name of the business. Its logo is very much straightforward, which is exactly the point here. The logo leaves absolutely no room or space for abstraction. It is because the artistry or artistic work here is what the product offers to the general public – wines for premium investment. The logo of Westgarth Wines is very much clear and concise at the same time.

It is pretty much feasible for having a style without procuring a substantial or huge budget. You do not need to dissipate fortune for the creation of a logo that translates or expresses the iconography of the wine industry into a lavish icon in its own way possible. The best and convenient method to translate a natural sense of style and fashion is to discover – and cleanse – a symbol that is already existent which best represents and conveys what, in actual, a business does. According to a famous saying – Form follows the function. Strictly follow this rule, and it definitely will conserve your hard earned money and precious time.

The shape and the color of your logo should be in a particular way which should look memorable and should have a long-lasting effect. For instance, if you have a business or you have to serve hamburgers, you should present the burger in such a way, that the bun looks brighter and sharper as compared to the lettuce’s leaf or the tomato’s slice or have the look which is more patty and more luscious in comparison with anything else your customer looks and feels first.  Commence with the nearer and then proceed from there.

By commencing with the nearer or familiar, it is naturally understandable that the owner of a business can discover the image or sign which is the best way possible, aligns with the owner’s relevant market or industry. Take this, for example, the florist who utilizes a rose for his business’ logo. The flower is matching able or exactly matches as to what he actually does. It probably is one of those flowers he embraces in his organization or arrangements or merchandise by himself. The rose suddenly becomes his own rose, for example, when he places on stem the neon color or he makes a design of one of the petals to seem like a pointed arrow, pointing towards upward. Pick, give it a shape and continue to refine the logo.

If the logo is more obscure as compared to accessible, if it looks more non-transparent as compared to being obvious, if it looks like more enigmatic than rational, if it looks more complicated as compared to a precise look – any business owner should not take much time to realize and understand that his customers are misunderstanding his or her logo. Ask or question your coworkers and designers, if they really understand or perceiving your logo in a manner you like to be perceived? As any sort of delays on your coworkers’ part would really mean one of the two meanings: Either they are not comfortable (or not getting it at all) with it or they simply hate the logo; obviously there is a possibility that they may feel fear to say their heart out.

Put it in another different perspective, do not simply slaughter the commercial aspect of your logo design company for the benefit of artistic work. Do not give chance or let a flowery design which does not have a reflection of your message, force how you, as a business owner, act. Make sure, your design does not distract your customers (or Logo Design Company). Especially, in a situation where your logo is too hard to decode or too doubtful to explain or describe.

For the sake of comparison, the right and correct logo can really ignite and inspire loyalty and inculcate a true love for efficient and effective design. Therefore, it is imperative for you to make a careful and tactful choice for your brand’s and custom logo design, so that the products of your business may propel and prosper and you can earn as much profit as you can. Because, how much profit can you earn or make wholly or largely depends upon how tactfully and willfully you have made your custom logo design.

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Huge Logo Trends for 2019

Here are some of the logo designs’ trends, which will be dominating as far as the year 2019 is concerned.

To identify unique patterns is a natural tendency for us as human beings. This is the way the Almighty has done programming in us. As far as logo designs are concerned, it is imperative to seek trends that are easily identifiable and look natural at the same time. Because this is as important as any other work related to design. But a lot of confusion is there too with regards to wishful thinking. The confusion is either a particular trend for custom logo design exists in reality or not?

What are the trends for Custom Logo Design?

“To find unique trends in a wide sea of profound work can be typical”. This is a quotation of the Director of creativity in Loyalkaspar, Mr. Chris Harmon. Many times you move towards your personal taste, while trends prove to be prophecies of self-fulfillment.

Taking an example of negative space. We have come across numerous great instances of negative space, which are used in professional logos. Like jet safe Tours or Buzzfeed news. But is it really a trend or is it just a timeless trick? As per a senior design maker of a renowned brand, he puts his opinion in this way: “I do remain tactful during the making of trends when you talk about uniqueness. Brand values often get ignored, permitting communication to be grasped into the wallpaper of life where nothing stands really for anything else. It comes down to feel safer in presence of homogenous surroundings”.

While at a concurrent time, it is unquestionable that some trends of the logo which are clear, do have the existence. Although, you must not be consciously thinking are following them, it is useful to remain aware of what they really are. Even for the matter of expressly avoiding them.

As we have entered into the year 2019, here are some of the upcoming Australian logo designs, keeping in mind the trends of last year, which would continue to trend in this year and in the years to come. It is your prerogative as to how would you get benefit from the information given below:

Simplicity Wins

Let’s start with those trends, which has been everyone’s favorite from ages till now. But it looks like they are not going to fade away any time soon. The reason behind their popularity is that they are made with the mantra of simplification.

As an associate of creative director Alastair Holmes (This Place) describes: There is an existence of a trend in the direction of simplicity, as far the logo’s branding/design is concerned. Whether to talk about brands or logos that exist and simplification of it or entire redesign or restructure of a logo to have a finer look.

Take an example of the rebranding of Pentagram American Express, which was twisted and originally cleaned up. Another instance is of the rebranding of Uber. These brands went for simplification for the purpose of freshness and to redesign totally.

While the simplification is trending and all over everywhere, the purpose of adopting simplicity can be different. Some brands which get their brands and logos refreshed are delighted with what stance they take. If we take a look at Uber, the restructuring of the logo was purely for the purpose of moving aside from current controversy and portray themselves with a new perspective. In each case, it’s a continuous process of evolution of an existing brand to present it as recent or contemporary stuff.

Some other examples include Mills & Boon, US Open, City Gateway, fat Face, best buy and the names can go on and beyond. So the logos in 2019 will, most probably, remain on the path of simplification.

The simplicity trend is reckoned to continue for a longer period of time. This is happening because of digital interfaces, and digital interfaces are likely to go on and come out as the most crucial thing for all the big brands and companies.

Logos that are Responsive

A creative person in a renowned company is of the opinion that digital needs are propelling a huge impact on how we perceive to provide the logo design service. He also pinpoints that it goes past simplicity technique or simplification. Owing to the increased use of mobile devices, the Australian logo design or logo design that has a quality of responsiveness is becoming rapidly important.

If one wants to imagine how a responsive logo looks like in real terms, go to, he or she needs to adjust his or her browser’s window and then see the magic.

A logo that is responsive is totally measurable for the modern day web world. Because it’s not all about the size, says an executive director of the creativity department of Stink Studio. There is a trend of dynamic identification or identity of a brand, where logos tend to behave in different ways as compared to the past. This change or difference is based on whether the end user is signing in or signing out.

For instance, when an end user logs into his Gmail inbox, there exists an icon at the corner (top-right) which differs from his personal account or his business account. Across accessibility, photos, and tools, this is just an example of how logo design service is adaptive to the brand’s image depending upon the attached data.

Authentic Logo

In 2018, not every brand went after the simplification as far as their professional logo design is concerned. Brands that have a profound digital presence, tend to go after adapting the simplicity mantra. For instance, visualize food brands that are earthy, labels of wine or retailers of organic food. These brands do not have a strong presence on digital platforms, but they are successfully conveying their message through the branding of their logos.

Authenticity simply demands that brands should be honest, exactly tell what and who they are and just be yourself. While responding to increased competition, brands are going for customized fonts to look honest and authentic. So that nobody can adopt or copy.