Significance of Animation

Convey Message & Idea Efficiently

Video animation establishes a connection with your audience. It will effectively engage them with you by simplifying the complex and hidden messages and ideas about your brand. Videos, when combined with animations, text, music, and audio will significantly influence your target audience which attracts them to your brand.

Strong Marketing Strategy

The main focus of any brand is to increase its market value. This can only be done by being famous among its audience. Animation is the key to grab attention of people towards your brand. More effectively you can convey your message and form an impact on your audience, which surely will increase your sale.

Animation Over Content

A truth when comes to an audience’s attention dictates by watching something rather than reading it. People do not have time to read all your content, they just do hunt of what they need and grab it. Animation is the easiest way to capture your audience’s attention without getting them bored.

Bring A Concept to Life

By bringing your concept to life will surely standout your brand among other competitors. You can also eliminate the cultural and language barriers by simply choosing to be visual. By animation, you can efficiently convince your audience about how your brand will benefit them.

OUR ANIMATION SERVICES Gain Benefits by hiring our animation services MENTIONED BELOW.

  • Explainer Videos

    Want to deliver your brand ideas in a memorable way? Explainer videos are ideal to deliver a complex information in a simple graphics and a very straightforward language to inspire your audience. We ensure an effective communication through creative videos.

  • Motion Graphics

    .Want to communicate with your audience? Motion graphics is the perfect way to add depth to your story. This creative combination of motion, sound and graphic design develops great impact on the target audience, clearing the way for effective communication./p>

  • Typography Animations

    Want to develop an art of integrating movement with text? Typography never fails to impress your audience. We provide you this outstanding smart animation which will engage your viewer’s attention by forcing them to visually track your roving characters.

  • Whiteboard Animations

    Want to clarify the real-life purpose of your product/service? White board animation is an impressive way to unfold the story and message behind your brand and describe the benefits of it to your customer. Hire our clear and outstanding whiteboard animation service.

Precise Logo Design Packages for New and Current BusinessWe offer highly flexible and affordable design preferences for you.

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Carefully Crafted Animation Packages For New And Existing Businesses We provide highly flexible and Affordable Design Options

  • TypographyHassle Free Design Solution Recommended For Professionals

    $ 299

    $ 1495 80% off !

    • 30 Second Video
    • Professional Script
    • Storyboard
    • Animation
    • Voice - Over & Sound Effects
    • 2 weeks delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions
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  • Motion Graphics Smart design Solution Recommended For Small Scale Businesses

    $ 399

    $ 1995 80% off !

    • 30 Second Video
    • Professional Script
    • Storyboard
    • Animation
    • Voice - Over & Sound Effects
    • 2 weeks delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions
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  • Explainer VideosSuitable for Small Business looking for a Custom Logo.

    $ 599

    $ 2995 80% off !

    • 30 Second Video
    • Professional Script
    • Storyboard
    • Animation
    • Voice - Over & Sound Effects
    • 2 weeks delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions
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  • WhiteboardHassle Free Design Solution Recommended For Professionals

    $ 850

    $ 4250 80% off !

    • 60 Second Video
    • Professional Script
    • Storyboard
    • Animation
    • Voice - Over & Sound Effects
    • 2 weeks delivery
    • Unlimited Revisions
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Key Features

  • 100% Satisfaction
    To ensure your satisfaction we provide effective revision policy.
  • Unique Design
    We give your brand nothing but the best. Every design is unique and impactful.
  • 100% Money Back
    We are confident of our exceptional work. We provide Money Back guarantee to give you complete satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Design
    We are here to assist you round the clock. Contact us for any queries or concerns.
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    Our designers have received several awards for their high-quality design and branding solutions.

Zega logo All In One The Complete Brand Pack

Are you seeking to revamp your brand or develop it from scratch? Get the all-in-one branding solution to meet all your branding requirements. Zega logo is where all your branding requirements are met effectively and efficiently. From a perfect logo and seamless website to robust marketing strategy, our experts will provide you all!

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  • Banner Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Special Features

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Our Comprehensive Process We Practise a Transparent Process Which Aims at Providing Flawless Outcomes for Every Task.








Before designing an animation, our team of professionals carries a thorough and extensive research regime about the idea of industry, current industrial norms, and the minds of targeted audience. Also, we communicate with our clients and take all the notes necessary to provide them with the best possible results.


After performing the extensive research and taking the client’s instructions, our experts analyse and present multiple concepts for the project. Further discussion with clients allows them to shortlist it to one concept. The finalized concept prevails throughout the process.


Now a draft animation will be designed by our expert team to provide the insight of the final project to the client. Now the animation will be assessed both by the client and experts based on its idea and mission. This will allow the client to make any desired changes to the animation.


Once you review the design, you can discuss with our design consultants if any change is required in your design element including font style, video, audio or design. We offer numerous revisions depending upon your choice of package and your design will be delivered exactly according to your requirement.


After the client’s approval of the draft, we finalize the project along with the necessary adjustments and will be certified and delivered to the client in the decided manner. Our process ensures complete customization and result orientation of the projects.


We dispatch your finalized product according to your preference. Whether making a website live or delivering the files in all formats requested. It would be our pleasure to work with you and assist you throughout the project. We hope you have a fantastic work experience with us!

We have served Over 200+ Industries We Stay on Top of Our Industry Because of Our Uphill Battle.

We have been Applauded and Recognized by Prestigious Entities of the Industry.

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  • This was the first time I worked with Zega logo, recommended by a friend. I must say that their work has surpassed my expectations. They brought life to my website and creatively portrayed my ideas into a video. Absolutely worth spending my time, money and energy! They are efficient and superb at what they do! Keep it up guys... I'll definitely be working you again!

    Chantel L. Joseph Product Manager

  • Zega logo is my go-to company for all animation requirement. The way they've optimized my branding strategy through animation is praiseworthy! From logo, website to my entire branding campaign, they took my brand to another level altogether! Their team, excellent work and incredible customer service has me hooked! I HIGHLY recommend these guys!

    Philip T. Gamez Sales Manager

  • I love the creative way they make all videos... Lucas is the guy you need to approach if you want anything efficiently done! Love their artistic and creative approach to all video animations plus kudos to their workmanship! Simply fabulous team! Can't gush enough how AMAZING they're! Cheerio!!

    Joseph V. Weigel Sr. Vice President –
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