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Nine Useful Tricks for an Effective Logo Design

A logo is an important tool for every business to register itself in the eyes of the customers. Logo holds key importance to make or break any sort of business. A logo which is flawless in design has an ability to initiate an astounding rapport with the customers that a business or a firm is striving to achieve. On a flip side, a badly designed logo is a perfect solution to spread the wrong message to the audience and subsequently, destroying the whole business.

Here are nine ways to improve logo design and utilize professional logo design service as less as you can:

1-Know-how of Brand

It is imperative to know about the insight of the brand; of which your logo design pertains to. A specific set of people, target audience and market are key yardsticks to know and make a logo accordingly. Inspirations and ideology are important to know before you construct logo design.

It is advisable to jot down key aspects regarding brand, business, and its market. For example, if the brand itself is hard or soft in nature and how customers perceive the particular brand. All these things aid you to make a logo worthwhile.

2-Reflect the Brand via Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your business. Pictures, color combination and right style of font are key factors in making the logo design stand out from the rest in the market.

The targeted customers would definitely attract the logo if images and colors appeal their desire to know about your business. Since today’s world is all about image building through images, and if the image goes side by side with your business nature, it would definitely catch the eyes.

3-It’s all about Impression

Imagine all the big brands existing in the world; their custom logo design has a long-lasting impact. Logo design should aim to bamboozle the audience when they give a glance to it.

The primary function of a logo is to lure the target customer more often than not; once they have a soothing effect of the brands’ logo design.

Uniqueness is a key factor that separates your logo from the rest in the market. In short, you must be ahead of your logo from your competitors as far as your custom logo design is concerned.

4-Planning of Colors

Brand’s message depends upon playing with different colors in the logo. For instance, the logo of a food brand should be given special attention to red color. Because red color entices the hunger needs of the people.

Similarly, blue color symbolizes the togetherness and intelligence vibes. So, if someone wants to make an account or page on social media, he or she should use blue color as chief color in their logo.

Moreover, bright colors attract the customers’ attention very quickly but make sure brand message should correspond with those bright colors accordingly. So, there is science regarding color usage and graphic designers must have knowledge of this.

5-Fonts Bring Fruit

Random and unplanned use of fonts in the brands logo design is as good as play with the fire. Fonts play a crucial role in determining whether the logo is attractive or not. This is so because typeface tells about the brand’s unique personality.

For example, toy manufacturers use handwritten typeface just to ensure that children get attracted to handwritten lines. Thus where the target audience is children, handwritten typeface works beautifully. Similarly, musical brands use bold fonts in order to depict themselves as strong individuals.

Therefore, take time and think about your brand that should correspond with the brand’s message. Big brands use custom logo design or custom fonts to present their brand in different ways, for example, Coke.

6-Be Careful with Logotype

If you want to make your company’s name your logo, you are thinking about logotype. Logotype means branding your business by making logo same as your company’s name.

These logotypes are very fruitful and beneficial for start-ups and newly emerging brands. Since your name is embossed in your logo, it automatically serves the purpose of advertisement.

People tend to get familiarize with a brand when they see the name of the brands logo design on the logo. So, choose the logotype carefully.

7-Simplicity always wins

This advice is gold and every logo designer suggest this. Simple logo design service generates emphasis from the customers. By simple logo, it means utilizing one or two colors, a similar number of fonts and other elements. Too many confusing fonts and being extra cautious with the colors; makes a logo look complicated. Consequently, the brand’s message gets blurred or remains unclear.

Again, famous brands or businesses around the globe keep their logo simple and straight forward. Nike and Pepsi are perfect examples of simplicity. Both use one or two colors yet they are attractive for ages.

Catching audience attention by restricting yourself to a simple logo service is a tricky but successful art. Logos with colors in a particular shape with small description attached to it is also an idea which is generally being followed. It is good to remember that simple logos are easy to digest and memorize by the customers. Through simple logo design, brand building and customer’s attraction objective are achieved to the fullest.

8-Make Logo Scalable

Another trait of a good logo is its scalability. There is a key concept to ponder that logos are used in various ways and in different places. Television, billboards and on mobile screens, scalability differs accordingly.

If a logo looks sharp on a mobile screen or on a laptop but gets vanished on billboards, this means logo design is a failure. Therefore, the logo should be good enough to appear on all the channels visible and impressive.

9-A logo should look Splendid in Colorless Version

Another powerful tip to make logo design impressive is to ensure that it looks appealing both in black and in white. When a logo is used in MS Word, Excel or Notepad, for instance, a logo should look catchy in all backgrounds; even in the online ad.

So here are some tips and tricks by using which your custom logo design would get attention as per your desire and wish and would be a winning logo.

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Zero to Logo: The creative process in 7 steps

A symbol or a graphical representation of a company or a brand is said to be a logo design. Brands logo design are a source of enhancing the reputation of an organization. They deeply influence the outlook of a brand and attracts the customers at the same time. The word logo is derived from the full form called logotype i.e. Logo was initially said to be a logotype. Keeping logo designs have proved to be the best source for brand recognition. Brands logo design can help an owner of a brand to make his brand known at local and international platforms.

The owners of several different companies’ weather large or small, prefer having an appropriate logo design for their brand. Brands logo design is considered as a symbol of pride for them. Due to this increasing trend, many students and adults have started making logos for different brands and organizations and they charge them in return. You will see many logo design service on the web and in markets too. This emerging trend of logo design service has become a significant source of income for many people all around the globe.

Benefits of Logo Design: logo designs provide consistency to your brand and serves to be the source of recognition for your organization. More catchy and attractive your logo is, the more it gets exposed and prominent in public.  There comes the time when your brand or a company is known just because of your particular logo design.

A visually appealing logo provides a solid image to your brand. It serves to be the source of international and local recognition and provides a significant status to the brand. The brand logo designs are also getting more attractive and appealing with time.

Custom made Logos:  This is the era where each and every brand and organization is in favor of having a significant logo design. The logo design service providers take advantage of this fact and are launching unique styles and a pictorial graph of their logo designs. There are various companies that offer custom made logos. Such service providers allow their customers to have a logo of their own choice. You can provide them with your favorite color scheme, concept, text or any other image. In short, the logo design service provides you an advantage of having your own personalized logo. The trend of having a custom logo design has got popular all around the globe and various organizations now provide logo manufacturing companies with their personalized data for the logo.

Types: Logos can have infinite variety and types.  Some of the most frequently used logos are Wordmark, Letterform, Pictorial mark, Abstract mark, Emblem etc.

Wordmark: wordmark logos are the type of logos that consist of a name or an organization or a brand. In this type of logo, the complete name of a company is mentioned with unique font styles and color schemes. This type of logo is widely used for many brands and trademarks all around the globe. One of the best examples for wordmark is the logo design of PEPSI.

Letterform logo: this type of logo design seems to be unique and eye-catching. There are lots of logo design services that prefer creating letterform logos. Such form of logo consists of the initial letter of a company s name or the most prominent one. This type of logo design also includes abbreviations. The alphabets are designed in such a way that holistically a logo looks more appealing to the audience. The logo of the fashion brand Channel and the logo of game Play Station are the best examples that fit into letterform logotype.

Emblem: Emblem logo is a type of logo design in which a brand name is mentioned along with an image that connects to the name of the brand. The logo designs of two of the famous trademarks Adidas and BMW are the most suitable examples for emblem logo designs.

Pictorial mark: Pictorial mark logo designs are the pictorial representation of a brand. In this type the name of the brand is not mentioned but, the image represents the brand. An Apple logo falls to be the best example of emblem logotypes.

You can learn to make your company’s logo yourself too. There are only seven basic steps which enable you to create an effective logo design. These steps involve design brief, research, brainstorming, draft production, step back, client feedback and delivery.

Design brief: in this step, you are required to ask your client about the type of logo they want. The entire information regarding brand is taken from the client. In order to make an effective logo, you must be aware of the services provided by the brand.

Research: the second step involved in designing an effective logo is to research. Searching more for a brand and other similar brands help you to unique logo design. Along with the previous fact, research is also beneficial as it gives you exposure to other brands too.

Brainstorming: this is the most effective step involved in logo formation. Creating a logo requires you to critically think about it.

Draft production: it is important to make a draft after critically thinking about the design, it serves as a backup for your memory.

Step back: creating an effective logo required you to think and meditate a lot, therefore, it is important to step back from critically analyzing the design for some time. It also refreshes your memory to think better.

Client feedback: after critically analyzing the draft, it is important to get approval from clients. If the client approves our design and color scheme then must proceed in making a final logo.

Delivery: so the last step involved in making a logo is to deliver an approved logo to the client. You must ask the client the size of the logo he or she wants along with the color scheme.

Following were the easiest steps of creating your custom logo design. You can provide an iconic image to your brand by designing its logo yourself.