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How to choose a Professional Logo Designer

Choosing a designer to create a corporate identity is probably the best solution in terms of quality and work efficiency. Of course, there is another side: the issue of the price will not be the lowest, and the work itself with designers requires time and resources.

Well, if you decide to order a logo from professional logo design services, you may find some useful tips in this article, recommended by professional logo designers at

Check the Portfolio

It would seem an obvious thing, but still: take a good look at the work that was done for other clients. Does the designer create a high-quality brand logo design that looks unique and distinguishes clients from the crowd? Or is his logo unremarkable and lost among others?

Are the works from their portfolio examples of professional logo design? Do the developed logos cause the maximum interest in the company?

Positive reviews

Does your designer have positive reviews from clients and colleagues? Verify the accuracy of the reviews by browsing the website or simply writing a company letter. Well, it would be a good idea to just check if the company exists at all.

Did the designer work for companies from your industry?

Although this is not always necessary, if a designer has experience working with companies from your field of activity, then it is likely that he will be able to develop a better logo, taking into account the characteristics of your industry. At the very least, logo development will go faster by saving time on competitor analysis.

Another important point related to this question: what is the designer’s experience? Some agencies with more experience can more quickly provide results that are suitable for your market and for your business. Time is money.

Timeline for creating a logo design

Creating a logo for professional logo design services is a certain process, or are works stamped like fast food? Development cannot be completed in less than 48 hours. There is no standard time frame, since each client has different needs, however for a small and medium business, a rough sketch can be created in 2-6 weeks.

How does the company process? Is there a meeting with you for a joint discussion? Do they first draw in pencil on paper? Does the client take part in the process? Will you be able to provide data and feedback? A good firm should explain all these nuances.

What files will you receive after completing the order

You will be surprised, but many people believe that the brands logo design project automatically includes all the necessary file types that are needed for printing business cards, creating signboards and banners and even graphic logo files for a website. A good firm will at least offer the following output:

  • Vector file (EPS, AI). If they provide a raster file, this means that there may be problems when recreating the logo in large sizes (it will look like a pixel mess).
  • The color specification in the file explaining the palette that is used in the logo. In addition, color options are available that may be involved: for example, Pantone. Either CMYK for printing, or RGB for monitors, or even web-safe colors – hexadecimal digital color codes for websites and mobile applications
  • Some design firms also provide different logo files that are suitable for any need: Pantone, CMYK, RGB, Web Hex. They are good for different purposes: creating business cards, prints for clothes, signs, decoration of vehicles, advertising, etc.

How many logos and how many processes are included in the order

Sometimes you need several options to choose from until you decide what you want to see in the logo. Ask at the very beginning how many examples you will be provided with during the first viewing and how many times you can make changes without additional costs.

Many firms may say that showing too many examples is bad because it will only confuse the customer. We believe that at least 3 unique options are a good start. Well, from 1 to 3 rounds of edits included in the price are standard. Discuss this point with the designer before making any commitment.

Awards and Published Works

Did your selected professional logo design service receive awards? Have their works been published in books or magazines? How recognized are they in their industry? Does the designer belong in some communities, for example, 99design? All this can emphasize reliability and professionalism, devotion to the craft of the designer.

What if you don’t like the end result

Ask the design company about their actions if you do not like the logo. What are your options if, after completing the process, you are unhappy with the result? Some companies may offer a warranty, some may be forfeited. It is very important to clarify this point.

Logo Price

At prices for services, you can usually judge the final product. In most cases, you will get what you paid for, but do not consider the price as the only indicator. How much does a professional logo design really cost? This is the most frequently asked question and the most difficult to answer. The thing is that different companies have different needs. The best approach is to compare the portfolio and prices of designers.

What services do other design firms offer?

Once you get a delightful new design, you will very soon realize that other things are needed. A new website, images for social networks, the design of letters for newsletters and advertising campaigns, a sign for a building – a lot can come in handy.

Nowhere is it written that a design company should also provide these services, but after a pleasant experience working with good people, you probably want to collaborate on other marketing projects. Therefore, when searching for artists to develop a logo, pay attention to the additional services that they provide. Why look for several designers if you can work with only one?

Professionalism and communication with the designer

Attention to detail, reliability, strong communication skills and time management are very important and go hand in hand with excellent customer service. Does the professional logo design service respond quickly to emails? How do they communicate and present themselves? The designer should be extremely professional and polite in communicating with the client throughout the process: from the first letter to support after the transaction is completed.

Suggestive questions

The designer must ask a lot of questions to find out about your needs regarding business goals. Questions should concern the history of the company, its target audience, competitors, goals, etc. If the performer does not ask questions, then this is a bad signal. Perhaps he will provide a template logo or create it without taking into account the individuality of the company.

Understand your budget

Small startups can spend up to $ 500 shareware on the design of a new logo. Get ready in advance for expenses. As the proverb says: “What you sow, you will reap.” Crowdsourcing sites (usually with logos for $ 100 or less) will show a lot of dull work by designers who work abroad, which makes the creation process thoughtless. Yes, sometimes you can meet pearls, but this is a rare find, and there is no guarantee that a person will work on your project, and not use online services.

Discuss the budget in advance with your designer and get a great result – a logo to be proud of. In the end, the logo will represent your new one and become the face of your company. You should do it right the first time.

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The Seven Myths about Logo Design Shattered

Many entrepreneurs have restricted financial means as well as limited time, yet very often you can observe business entrepreneurs putting their precious time and the hard-won money into things that are not beneficial for their business at all. And they do all this in an endeavor to enhance sales. There are good logo services and professional logo design service to provide an expert opinion.

Most of the graphic design entities, law firms, accounting practices, and manpower resource enforcement agencies charge customers by the hour and try to prolong the process up to 3-4 months. As regards logo designing, there are many firms that want to function with potential customers who are ready to spend 3-4 months. If you really want to succeed as an entrepreneur in the competition, then instead of focusing on the logo, you have to pay attention to your ideal and potential customers. Having a fine logo is great, but it isn’t beneficial at all in case you are unable to sell.

Here is an account of seven myths regarding logo designing shattered.

  1. You do have to craft a fine logo even before you start marketing

It is not essential at all to get your perfect logo created even before you commence marketing your product. Take the example of the logo f Apple Company; when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs began selling their first Apple computers from a garage, their logo had no significance at the time. As a matter of fact, they were engaged in developing computers that resolved real-life issues of their ideal and potential customers. They designed an awful first logo. It displayed Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree with an apple on his head, encompassed with a complex font and a cloud. It was so raw and so complex that they changed it entirely.

  1. Your sales are conditional to your logo design

Another myth regarding logo design is that the entrepreneurs assume their sales conditional to great logo design. Entrepreneurs hurry to revenue by engrossing over resolving the issues of their ideal and potential clients. You do need to present an adventure that fascinates and calls to the audience’ sentiments, seek a lucrative price point that is willingly embraced by the market, and obtain their concern with the help of rigorous marketing. If you waste every conscious and mindful thought infatuating your logo, you would not even have anything to trade, not to mention recruiting, hiring, and inspiring people. Therefore, to boost your sales, you have to focus on real value and quality of your products rather than just designing a great logo.

  1. Branding is vital when embarking on a new startup venture

Branding is the generic or aggregate impression that your potential customers keep about your enterprise and the manner in which you tend to resolve their issues. Nevertheless, your branding is never going to tackle your financial issues if you do not go over there and begin marketing to look for what is functioning appropriately and what is not. You should ultimately produce and introduce a product in the market that is readily accepted by the customers and they willingly pay for it.

  1. With the ideal logo, customers will keep rushing in

Once you succeed in crafting a fine logo, you might feel relaxed, yet it does not ensure that your target audience would be inclined to call you and buy your products. Buyers don’t come rushing out of their homes just because your business logo is perfect. On the other side of it, if you pay good attention to marketing and endeavor wholeheartedly to deliver to your client’s service or a product that they demand in a manner that is amazingly great, then you would be able to sell and advance your business.

  1. Customers make their buying decisions based on logo designs only

That is an absolute fallacy. A little number of customers would ever bother about the good or bad logo. Consider the following and answer yourself that when did you cancel any of the following deeds just because of a bad logo;

  • Purchase a car
  • Buy Gasoline
  • Eat somewhere
  • Try something novel
  • Buy a commodity

Definitely, the answer would be in negative. People or the customers value the quality of products rather than the appearance of logo design. Although, a good logo does have a positive impact on the popularity of a brand, yet it is wrong to rely entirely on a logo for business prospects.

  1. A remarkable logo will make you popular among your clients

To be exceptional implies to be entitled to attention or focus. You need to initiate a service or a product that lures your clients if you wish to engender a lasting narrative. You need to deliver a superior and leading customer service adventure, the finest quality commodity in the market, or a novel experience that your competitors are unable to deliver at the moment.

The best thing you can do for your enterprise is to make your service/product marvelously amazing and win your customers’ confidence.

  1. Your logo is getting in the way of your success

It is generally thought that an unrefined logo prevents your business from prospering and growing. The fact is that it is not the logo but you that are responsible for low business prospects. Since you spend all your energy, efforts and time creating, revamping, and refining your company logo, you are carrying your attention off from the most significant task around the globe i.e. selling something.

It is obvious that crafting sales scripts, developing systems, and building a scalable business is a tough toil. Exposing yourself to success or failure on your own accord is definitely scary. But let me assure you, your triumph is waiting for you, and you deserve it. All that is required from you is to bear in mind that your logo does have significance but the whole of your business doesn’t rely on it singularly. You should take care of all the essential aspects of your enterprise in order to become a successful businessman.

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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Logo

An outstanding logo design is essential for any business to stand out among the competent provoke trust in the consumers. An efficient corporate logo not only has a favorable influence on the customer’s allegiance but also on the company’s efficiency.

  1. You Have Only One Shot to Make Your First Impression

Your first impression on the target audience will set the pace for your further networking and relationship. If you create a powerful first impression, it will result in a greater response from the customers and they will exhibit more interest to know more about you and your business. If you leave a bad impression, the consequences will be worst and difficult to avoid.

Your logo is the first thing that your potential customers will look at. It will be in charge of creating a good or bad first impression. If you do well in designing your logo, as it is present on different things and places like T-shirts, websites and business cards, etc, it will generate a positive and powerful first impression.

Just take an example to comprehend it. When you are preparing for a business meeting, you don’t go to a casual dress. You try to put on the finest of your shoes and suit, and you would like to impress the client with your appearance. The same goes true for the business logo. You have to take extra care to make it fine.

Having a bad or no logo may have a bad impact on your company. A great logo is comparable to that of the finest and best dress for a meeting. It helps in enhancing your business.

  1. It Distinguishes Your Business Among Others

Competition prevails in almost every industry. And if you aspire to thrive, you need to think of the ways to distinguish your company among others.

In this case, definitely, an essential way to discriminate yourself as a business is to present some value to your clients. You either have to give a solution to an unsolved problem or a better and efficient solution to an already solved problem. Despite the fact that you have a magnificent idea, first of all, you should seize the mind of the customers. You won’t be able to display your worth in case you fade away among the potential competitors.

Your logo is the principal thing that can help you stand out of the crowd. It appeals to your customer and conveys a powerful message of your high value and worth. It can distinguish you among your competitors.

An efficacious and unique logo is the single option for you to separate yourself from others and stand out among the competitors.

  1. A Logo Brings in New Customers and Holds The Older Ones

A substantial portion of what draws new customers in and does not let the old ones go is your brand image. And the logo is a major component of this image.

The perfect logo design and image will support you in establishing, growing and maintaining your business. When the existing and the new customers see your logo, they must be moved and inspired by it. It should arouse confidence and feeling in the customers. Otherwise, they will be inclined to leave you and go to the other company.

Let’s take an example, suppose you own a restaurant, it needs to have a professional competent and appealing image that could attract and hold customers. If your business logo is sluggish then it’ll convey a negative connotation and you will lose customers.

  1. It Distinguishes Non-Professionals From Professionals

Everyone wishes to associate with professionals. They desire to do business with the leaders of the field. They like to know about their partner company and want the assurance of an excellent job. And the thing that distinguishes non-professionals from professionals is the logo.

The potential customers, at first, try to find out if you are a professional or an amateur. They will do it by searching for your brand ID on your website and social media accounts. As said already, the logo is the representative of your company. And a great logo implies a great and professional image and vice versa. While deciding a company to work with, all the potential customers tend to look for one that is professional and trustworthy.

  1. It Exhibits Who You Are

There are several motives that tell why you need a logo. But it can be said that the most critical one is that it is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the customers and arouse trust.

The powerful potency you hold in the market is your individuality. The particular essence, which persists in your products and services, lends you individuality as well as uniqueness. It is the specific individuality that enables you to associate with clients on a profound level.

Since this individuality is vital, you would like to incorporate it in everything you perform. Your logo provides you the ideal chance to display this uniqueness before everyone.

You would like to show your true worth, professionalism, and trust to your target customers and a perfect logo would help you further your desires. Having said it all, your business needs a logo and there is no other way around. Therefore, get up, seek guidance from professional logo design service or logo services and acquire a perfect logo.

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How to Ensure Perfect Balance in Logo Designing

The logo is the most basic business image that clients will see before purchasing any item and securing administration from a site. Having a developing and marked logo would give unlimited outcomes. Today, logos have unmistakable purposes:

To make a custom logo design service that looks impeccable, a key factor to keep up in it is, “balance”. A healthy lifestyle is progressively significant for us, comparatively; all components must be adjusted in a logo to give it a creative or immaculate touch. Committing a lopsided logo is the error that a greater part of originators make as they are uninformed of adjusting systems. In respects, a network is useful in edges’ smoothness in a logo. Another tick to adjust it is to make it in vector design. This system helps in logo scaling of greater sizes by keeping its feeling of extent.

Be that as it may, the inquiry is, how flawless parity will guarantee in a logo? Try not to stress, we will talk about here. How about we begin our exchange!

Guaranteeing a Perfect custom logo design service

Effect of equalization                                                                    

Adjusting has a noteworthy effect in making a logo compelling or insufficient as each logo has possessed visual weight. For instance, shading and text styles are two particular components. On the off chance that one is made ill-advised, at that point unquestionably it will rule its effect on others which makes structure awkward nature. The equalization is fundamental to keep watcher’s eye to be centered around a logo. Irregularity logo will make hard for the watcher to concentrate on it and even the message it needs to pass on won’t totally achieve.

Adjusting is making unsettling influence among the plan components to keep up a glorious and profitable visual appearance! That is the reason for altering with respect to visual appearance alludes to the typeface, differentiate, and so on.

Symmetrical parity

In a symmetrical parity plan, the heaviness of each component is outwardly right or equally conveyed. This implies each component should corporate different components that can be flat or vertical. In the event that you draw a straight line amidst any plan, at that point the two parts of the picture would be similarly conveyed.

Equalization in Asymmetry

An Asymmetrical structure can likewise be adjusted however it’s adjusting is not the same as symmetrical. In contrast to Symmetric plans, the components in the uneven structure are not of the same size. To make it balance, the littler components ought to be put a long way from the Center of the structural arrangement. In respects, the littler components will show up a long way from the bigger which demonstrates the best possible equalization even in a killer logo. You will see these specialized traps in most expert originators or structuring administrations suppliers, Logo Venture, and so on.

Components to Be Balanced

Presently, advance. After the exhibit of regular adjusting botches, underneath are the components that would be adjusted as needs are.


Shading parity must be utilized in symmetrical or Hilter kilter both. Utilize splendid shading in a little region with a dull shading in a bigger region. Shading hypothesis is intricate, yet originators who comprehend the nuts and bolts can utilize shading to further their potential benefit.

The fundamental guidelines to remember are:

Use hues close to one another on the shading wheel (for example for a “warm” palette, utilize red, orange, and yellow shades).

Try not to utilize hues that are bright to the point that they are no picnic for the eyes.

The logo should likewise look great in high contrast, grayscale, and two hues.

Disrupting the guidelines here and it is alright; simply ensure you have a valid justification too!

Realizing how hues bring out sentiments and states of mind is additionally significant. For instance, red can inspire sentiments of animosity, love, energy, and quality. Remember this as you evaluate diverse shading mixes, and attempt to coordinate the shading to the general tone and feel of the brand.

Playing around with individual hues alone is another smart thought. A few brands are unmistakable exclusively by their particular shading.

For instance, when you consider John Deere, you think about the “John Deere green” shading, and this separates this brand from its rivals and, all the more significantly, makes the brand even more conspicuous.


This ought to be splendidly done by utilizing complex subtleties on one side and different subtleties on another side.


Guarantee to direct components’ situation in your logo. Additionally, utilize various sides to bigger and littler components.


With regards to logo configuration, the measure does make a difference. A logo needs to look great and be clear at all sizes.

A logo isn’t compelling in the event that it loses a lot of definition when downsized for letterheads, envelopes, and little limited time things. The logo likewise needs to look great when utilized for bigger arrangements, for example, blurbs, boards, and electronic organizations, for example, TV and the Web.

The most solid approach to decide whether a professional logo design service works at all sizes is to really test it yourself.

Note that the littlest scale is normally the hardest to get right, so begin by printing the logo on a letterhead or envelope and check whether it is as yet neat.

You can likewise test for huge scale rendering by printing a publication estimated adaptation at a print shop.


Surface equalization is overlooked by certain fashioners. Concentrating on this region will likewise catch watchers’ eye. Be that as it may, it would turn out badly when by making a bigger zone on different sides for level components. A bigger territory with no surface and a little zone with great surface would be utilized to make it adjusted!

These are some basic components who are basic to adjust at the same time, by actualizing the previously mentioned tips you would snatch the watchers’ fascination through impeccable equalization or put it plainly, towards an amazing professional logo design service.

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Trends for Exceptional Logo Design in 2019

The logo is like a vicious cycle that makes a visual centerpiece of a company’s brand identity. While looking at the top brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Audi, and so many other internationally famed brands, one cannot ignore the power related to a fine looking logo. A lot of mind mapping and brainstorming is done for the creation of these famous and iconic images, with the utmost utilization of the correct colors and creating a funny story.

The logos are a kind of communication sources that are used to express a firm’s inherent values Needless to mention, there is a long story regarding logo services and design. We are now living in a virtual world. In simple words, the logo design of your business can virtually be a difference between company X brand’s success and to its failure.

The professional logo design service will help you express yourself differently from your competitors in the marketplace. The exceptional logo designs are not something that should be changed once, then kept static whether it is about simply updating your social media accounts, keeping a website, or updating the firms’ policies.

So, in order to let you know and keep updated about hot and not trends of in the world of advertisement, here are exceptional logos that are brewing in 2019;

  • The Peculiar Retro Style

As the flared bell bottoms are making their way back glamorously in the clothing fashion industry, similarly, the retro styling has found its way back into the professional logo design service.

While going for the retro style logo designs, you have an edge over the competitors as it leaves so much room for personalization and creativity as well. While capturing the brand’s core identity in a unique way, many retro-style logo designs have the appeal of keeping in line with the ever-green fame and popularity.

The retro-styled logo designs are very popular, yet that it is still unique looking and far from played out. The whole retro collection is the creative, most beautiful, the best and the inspiring. Whatever the style logo services end up using, make sure it ends up speaking all basics about your company and its motive.

The Negative Space Logo Design

The simple logo rules over the competitors and turns out to be the better. Same goes for the negative space logo design. It presents the simplest of the designs yet still being iconic, innovative and easy to recognize. It is a kind of a logo design that fulfills all of your branding requirements in one package.

The negative space logo utilizes the background of an image in order to create another image in a unique and ingenious way. Such smart designing convey the customers or the consumer’s multiple thoughts and visions as they want to see the product for themselves but in a good way. Don’t forget about the fact that people are more in love with the mystery and curiosity and what is hidden but still conveying the message.

With the negative space logo, a company is easily able to incorporate multiple definitions into one simplest design which serves its best as an illusionary artistic masterpiece. Let the professional logo design service do their best and leave the rest to the intellectual minds of your consumers after fueling their inspiration with your ingenious negative space logo designs.

The Flat Designed Logos

Do you know about KISS? The Keep It Simple, Stupid… KISS

This idea is picking up steam as the upcoming or emerging firms are trending with their logo designs following the same idea. Every year, major brands, as well as international companies, upgrade their logos to keep up with the expectations of their customers and to be in their loyalty feedback. Mostly they end up heading for the simpler and minimalist designs.

The Line Art

One of the exceptional logo designs of all is the creation of complex designs that incorporates the even, thin and monochrome lines, usually black in color. It has got famous from the food industry but now in the trending ideas, it is emerging as the most likely designs for other sectors as well.

This complex yet imaginative and thought-provoking logo design is known for evoking a feeling of minimalism but with complicated imagery. The line art logos can be either continuous or enclosed ones or with an only black and white background or as per the trending ideas of 2019, can be colored as well.

Emoji in Exceptional Logo Designs

Well, what in this world of 2019 without social media and the internet? Emoji have historical emergence and are still the trending idea. It is likely that most of the firms initially thought incorporating emoji in their logo designs will be immaturity in sense of professionalism but at the same point, they were convinced that such ideas can better connect their products with youth and new young consumers.

A cute, pretty happy face or any other emoji can instantly change the mood of the consumer. Especially if your product is about entertainment and kids, you better get creative with emoji in your logo design and get all of their attention.


When it comes to the exceptional logo designing, the hot and not ideas are always changing. Even from the start of 2019, the logo industry has seen the emergence and growth of several intriguing trends and it will keep alternating.

Meanwhile, you will also witness many colorful and bright logos that empower numerous brands up to the top of the fame ladder. So, if you are about to design a logo or thinking of owning one, go for what describes your company. The simplified and minimalist logos will play best if you decide to stay low-key but still impress with elegant styles but don’t forget to be creative and to bring a special artistic vibe to the overall logo design.

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Responsive logos: what they are and why you need one

With the increasing trend of new mediums for doing advertisement and shrink in the sizes of the screens, something related to branding is rapidly becoming apparent in terms of business owners: logos now are not “one size that fits for all”.

So responsive logos came along. You will now ask, what is that? Shape-shifting logos are termed as responsive logos which vary in sizes, colors or even in terms of complexity levels just to adapt and accommodate to be placed wherever they are to be. Think about a trend related to logo design in original, responsive logos designed by Professional logo design service provider are now taken as more of a practical need rather than a fad. In addition to this, now there are quite a few places available where your logo can be placed as compared to the past two decades. While all these places are wide in terms of sizes. The old rule that says “Do not go for a change in the logo” which was like a canon for quite a few years? Now, the rule will keep you behind in the race.

It does not matter whether you are hearing it for the very first time about the term “responsive logos” or you now are considering action to make a responsive logo for yourself from Professional logo design service provider, the coming few paras will definitely guide you everything that you really require to know. What they really are? Why we are in need of them and how one can design them for him or herself.

The history related to responsive logos

You have heard of the word “responsive” like a buzz and a lot of time. This term was pitched originally to define how the website “responds” or adapts to various screen sizes. The goal is to appear always at the best for the website – irrespective of the phone, tablet or desktop. In recent times, the word is borrowed by logos to explain their own capabilities related to size-shifting.

But in reality, the logos that are responsive in nature have been in existence far longer in comparison to responsive websites, or the internet even!

Over the past century, companies have undergone experimentation with numerous logos that are contextual to suit the specified location or the print medium. Sometimes, companies to mistake by draining the color from the logo of their brand for newspapers which are printed in black-and-white. Sometimes they add more decorations and flourishes in order to make an impressive looking letterhead.

Even before the common usage of smart devices like tablets or smartphones, to the subtle change of logos had some practical benefits. It does not mean that responsive logos should be different altogether in comparison to each other. Instead, it is about the creation of various models of a similar thing. Then optimizing the same to best fit various contexts.

As the evolution of marketing, an idea took great appreciation that the logo must remain consistent for the persistence of brand recognition. There is some truth regarding this idea (consistency is crucial too with the logos that are responsive). But to be so rigid about logo change at all should be counterproductive. It is more understandable that to optimize a logo due to its context as compared to a logo designed by custom logo design service provider which is based on copy-paste and is designed for the tiny business cards and on a billboard.

Big thanks to increasing popularity of smart devices and eventual spread of their size of screens, brands commence to rethink the mentality of “don’t play with the logo”. To be precise, where we have reached today: What at one point of time seems as faux pas of advertising is now considered as best practice. In the next few years, it will be considered the norm.

Responsive logos? Necessary!

There are obvious benefits as far as responsive logos designed by custom logo design service provider are concerned. Considering the necessity for companies to place their logos on different places, it is next to impossible to utilize the same version of the logo in different places without the playing with it a little.

Let’s just kick off with the screen size. Alone the demand of mobile browsing ignites necessity for the requirement of one different or alternative version, at least of the logo.

But we are moving on lately into even smaller smartphones. For instance, smart bracelets, smart watches and you never know the smart glasses in the near future. If you think your logo has flattened looks on the phone, wait for the time when your logo would be filled right at the corner in your screen’s AR application.

Also, we have got small ads inside your gadget’s tiny screens. Even for the desktop site’s advertisement, your advertisement is more likely to look shrunk. The effect is two times, which looks bad on smart devices.

Print and environment

In the outer world of digital space, different companies are in the exploration of diverse and new avenues for the purpose of doing advertisement. In traditional methods such as promotional swag (hats, bags, pens, t-shirts, etc.) you definitely need to think about the size of the logo as well as how it will look on various printed materials.

And we must remember the growing vogue of guerrilla marketing where logos unexpectedly appear in public spaces, such as graffiti murals instead of billboards. It can also be taken as, brands which are non-digital strictly require flexibility to incorporate in its logo.

Video is also a type of stylish logo which is mostly under-utilized such as an animated logo. With more companies are coming towards video content, specifically on different social media platforms, brands in the same industry can imitate the similar motion effects which logos of film studio have used decades ago.

Currently, the time has arrived for responsive logos, bigger or smaller brands alike. Large companies are capitalizing on how much their customers’ know their brands by doing experimentation with abstract variations.

Responsive logos are the best marketing tool. I hope that the points explained above will certainly help you to understand the responsive logos logic.


Responsive logos: what they are and why you need one

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Why It Is Important To Invest In Professional Logo Design?

For every brand or company, the logo has the value of the business card – this is the reality which no one can deny. Professional logo design service will definitely have a profound influence as to how your brand is taken by the consumer. It will transfer confidence, totally take the audience by storm, and make the logo memorable for them. Still, so many types of businesses take the help of their virtual resort to inexpensive solutions. But you know what? A custom logo design service which will cost you £5 is nothing but a lie. Anyone who is offering the service in this kind of budget will definitely make your company or brand look very sloppy, amateurish and cheap. It would be great if you have zero care about the success of your brand. So if you are thinking in these lines then the coming paragraphs are not for you. But you are serious about your company’s success then this blog post will certainly provide a guideline for you.

Slick Logo: Way to win customers

The power lies in a logo looks like (duh!) It has been proved scientifically that masses identify the images more quickly and relate with those images much instantly as compared to the textual image. Only those logos which are designed with utmost care can finally communicate with your audience and can completely convey the message and core values of the company.

Just make an image about logo design, which has awful looks, in a business card or ad. By this background you would instantly imagine two or three young guys who are in pajamas and are totally inexperience sitting on a cheap laptop (yes! outsourcing your custom logo design service does not take you in the category of rich folks), trying their best to pull off something with the help of clipart.

Now imagine you just come across a logo design which is beautiful and visually appealing on which someone must have given quite a few hours to give the appealing look (now that is the way!). You know instantly that this company which has this type of logo has a genuinely professional approach towards logo design. It also suggests that the company is serious, experienced and have the habit of treating their customers and the business alike; which should be the way.

And the way mentioned above is the only way to win your customers as far as professional logo design service is concerned. The logo designed in this way incite the positive feelings of the masses, draw the attention of the clients and compel the audience to think (or shout out in some cases). Client look for the guys who have a positive got professional attitude.

You are judged by the client over your logo

Owners of small businesses tend to save on almost anything when they are in their startup phase to minimize the costs, and it is quite understandable. But still, to save the money on the logo design can be considered as the worst decision one can make (can’t you save the money on anything else?) Your client (potential) sees the logo as a very first thing. Based on logo design, clients do the decision making as to whether they wish to work or not with you. You surely cannot see them running away from you as faster as they came to you. N0?

As against trying the skills of Paint (now it is a bit scary!) go for the option of hiring a designer who knows the art of professional logo designing. Define exactly what your goal is, sit back and relax. The designer that you select will take the ideas that you gave him, will work with those ideas and will bring up different choices for you that will suit your brand and the business. It will ultimately build the perfect relationship between your client and your brand.

Professional logo and marketing efforts go hand in hand

The final format is the most crucial aspect as far as logo design is concerned. You will receive different formats for files and among the most important one is the vector graphic format (ai, eps, pdf, etc.). These formats will enable you to utilize it in numerous sizes, from a car wraps to printed pens.

Distinguished logo sends key values and aids your business to stand out

In the world of business full of extreme competition, the image of your brand or company is of utmost importance. Your logo’s presence is everywhere – business cards, invoices, leaflets, and your website, Twitter and Facebook. The logo design’s nature should be like the one which creates an image of your company or brand. Take an example of Insurance Company, which will always be searching for a logo design that will invoke in customers the confidence and trust. The logo should be able to convey the vision, mission and key values of the company.

So how do you wish your brand to look distinguished and unique itself from the others in the market? The brand will look more memorable and effective when the bond between the company’s logo and the company gets strong.

Customers loyalty comes with a fine logo

A logo which looks successful not only has good looks but it follows the client too wherever he goes. Make sure the logo keeps make his appearance before the eyes of the customers as more as possible. Almost every time the name of your company, service or product is mentioned. Once the logo is being registered and is familiar before the eyes of your client, he will definitely trust you as a company more than anyone else. This is simply because the logo makes him feel as if he knows you since forever. The guys in the research department name it as the exposure effect. While we name it as rocking the entire market.

We sincerely hope that the above-mentioned advice will help you to understand the logo is an essential part of your company. You can also take it as a secret weapon of marketing.

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How to Make a Logo Design Within a Week

The shell, the popular golden arches, and the famous swoosh. Almost everyone in this marketing world can now easily make a sketch of these famous designs or signs just like the lyrics of the famous song ice baby. These signs or designs have become the identity of all these mentioned designs’ bearing entities. These particular designs are called a logo. A distinctive or unique icon or symbol of any company, service, brand, idea, publication, object or person that best displays the brands and also helps to easily convey its specific message to the customers, potential or existing, in the company’s relevant industry or market.

You might have thought that this would obviously an easy and simple task to make or craft any logo, but it definitely is not. To design or make a memorable or tremendous logo that hits the desired target is impossible or near to impossible. Unless you have something called as mind reader or, instead, lose the tightness of your thinking. So to aid to sharpen the procedure of the mind reading, I believe it would, of course, be intelligent to share or divide with you a procedure or process if we talk about the design making system of a logo for your client called as resume bear.


Majority of the times it is dependent upon your approach as to how one or you take it, the professional logo design service or custom logo design service will tell your tentative mood. It is most likely that your brain has a little bit of hint related to a very serious tone, maybe. But, have thinking as if you have some demographic wants or your client wish to have the flavor of something in relation to both.

There is an existence of some serious danger to look towards one extreme in comparison to another while you still are designing your logo for your professional logo design service. Think for example a tattoo of a company which has its own level of performance. Probably, quite like a music sense of U2, a brand will change its direction from its original style just with the help of polishing the edges, bringing in a shadow or providing it a brand new twist to remain on top of the current or running time. But sometimes, a company go on to keep its original image to maintain the connection with its customers who are loyal as well as potential future customers. It all narrows down to the mood that will certainly remain the same now. Does it bring a smile on your face? Does it make you cozy inside out? Does the professional logo design service feel it is enough as trustworthiness? Or is it nothing for yourself?

Research is the key for sure. And it is the truth.

Firstly, you should have to ask trillion questions to the client of yours. This will aid to clear the ambiguities. And through receiving the answer for the question no. 1,342, it is obvious that you would take the information which you perhaps not even think before, which now is your CenterPoint to chalk out your planning blackboard. It will annoy to ask many different questions. But, it would perhaps hurt to give the client 13 to 14 logo designs and make them take the decision. Just because asking too many questions is a bad way to go.

The second aspect is to figure out the real taste of the client. Ask them exactly what they are their favorite aspects about the logo designs and what are the reasons behind? What if your logo design in making pushes them to drag further? Some of the clients, on this subject, will have many ideas in their thinking. They will for sure help you for the creation and development of an understanding of what are their expectations from you like the logo designer. While some of the clients will obviously have no idea in terms of what their wants are. They want to just get their job done in time. This is the point where you would find yourself comfortable about the client’s wishes.

In my honest opinion, if you have a look in the surrounding environment, you will probably find something, which provides the direction for crafting a custom logo design service in terms of feel, look, and style. So this activity of look around and observe will might force your head in terms of planning in a particular way. This will probably save some of your valuable. There is no requirement for the reinvention.



A logo you crafted just a minute ago might be good, but unfortunately, it is not finished line. If you assume yourself lucky to design the exact logo just as per the needs of the client, it will certainly not take you far. So it is important to inquire from the client the real purpose of the logo you just designed. Do they have the plan to use the logo for a business card or the stamp card? Or they are planning to further use it for pasting it on their website and letterhead too. Also are they planning to further take the logo for branding it all over the sides of the four walls of the building, and cars? Furthermore, think it like a company associated with a snowboard. There are quite bright chances that the client will take your logo design on their spiffy snowboard logo designs. Or they even might print the logo onto their hats and gloves.

In the case of Resume Bar, they wished to print the logo published on the business cards, letterhead, and websites. They also might want your logo designed on pens and water bottles to distribute to college and university students for the goal of promoting their brand. So that the logo design should look cool.

It also provides us the lesson that the logo should also be legible too. It obviously does not mean that the logo is textually legible. Legible means the logo should be readable with no hindrance regardless of the place where it is imprinted.