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How to Design a Unique Logo (Without being a Logo Designer)

Having a unique logo is considered a crucial part of a brand or business. Therefore, before creating your logo there is a lot of things like colors, fonts, symbols, and layouts. This is necessary as it will help your business/ brand capture its iconic essence.


Doing all of that sounds like a lot of work, right? This is exactly why you need to read everything mentioned in this logo design guide. This guide will not only educate you but will also help you to get out there so you can create the best logo for your brand, business, passion project or side hustle.


Below are five key steps that will help you design the perfect logo for your business:


  • Step one: don’t forget to conduct detailed research regarding your brand
  • Step two: feel free to learn more about your logo design
  • Step three: get font, symbol and color ideas
  • Step four: create a logo
  • Step five: finalize your logo design after testing


If you want to save time, you can try various logo makers that you will find on Google online — there are a lot of online logo designing platforms that are completely free to try! However, if you’re looking for a bit more preparation and guidance, this guide will help you achieve that.


Step one: Conduct detailed research regarding your brand


It’s no rocket science that the majority of us don’t like to research. We rather get started already. However, doing research sometimes is not only mandatory but also plays a key role in the success of your brand.


To make an original and creative logo, a person will need to first set a reliable concept. And to do that, a person must conduct deep research.


Having a solid brand/ business identity will helps a company to become more recognizable and gain more credibility to grow. Now, before you get into designing your logo design, think through the questions mentioned below:


Who is the ideal customer and what kind of brands do they go for?


Knowing the targeted market as well as your ideal customer will help you get better knowledge regarding your logo vision.


Knowing what your competition is doing?


A great way to get attractive logo design ideas for your brand/ business is to take idea by dividing a few of your competitor’s websites and logos and design your logo accordingly.

Doing this will help you understand what type of logo will attract your clients better and in what direction you want to go while designing your logo. You can also design an opposite logo as compare to your competition as it will make your brand look unique and will differentiate your logo services from your competitors, which is also an important aspect.


What are the main three-five adjectives that will describe my business/ brand?


The next and one of the most important steps on your journey towards success is to create your brand’s attribute’s list. Such lists include important features such as important values as well as other benefits that you want your brand to be known for. Below are a few examples:


  • easy-to-use, innovative and friendly
  • Smart/ witty marketing strategies on social
  • compassionate with advanced customer service
  • Note these as these factors will help you bring your brand to life.


What is the name of my company? Do you need a slogan?


You need a slogan. If you’re not already using that, it is time to finalize your brand name and decide if you’re looking for a slogan, that can define what your brand/ business represents. For example gluten-free cookies or another catchy phrase like cookies for health nuts.

Once you have a few decent brand/ business name options, feel free to ask yourself these few questions mentioned below:


  • Is that future-proof? Like, will it evolve with time?
  • Is that easy to understand? Like, is that user-friendly and easy to spell?
  • Is it original?
  • Is that domain name even available?
  • Do you like it? Or are you fully satisfied with it?


If the answer to every one of these questions mentioned above is “YES!”, in that case, you are one more step closer to success.


Where you be able to use this logo the most?


Where exactly are you planning on displaying your logo, will affect your design. For example, if you run a construction company and is planning to put a creative logo on your truck decals, T-shirts as well as your signs.


Or maybe if you’re in a consulting business where you need to be using your logo mostly on the internet —landing pages, your website, social media channels, or  Skype. So, think about the applications that matter to your customer the most and design your logo accordingly, something that will stand out.


In every case, having a logo that is not only simple yet catchy will ensure the decency of your brand and will look good everywhere. There are a few common places mentioned below were having a creative logo matters the most:


  • Online: Website favicons & headers, invoices, receipts, and email signatures.
  • Print:  Brochures, business cards, posters, clothing, car decals, and packaging.
  • Social media: Cover photos, profile photos, image posts, and social media ads.
  • You may also need various logo variations to adapt to multiple mediums.



Learn about logo design


According to a common belief, creating a unique logo on your own without any additional help is doable. You don’t have to make it fancy or use editing software or years of design experience. Heck, you can even create a unique logo on any free online designer tool for free.

However, before starting, here’s what a person needs to know in order to feel confident about designing a logo yourself. That’s being said, it is always better to hire a professional logo service that will help you design a decent logo according to your business/ brand requirements.