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Trends for Exceptional Logo Design in 2019

The logo is like a vicious cycle that makes a visual centerpiece of a company’s brand identity. While looking at the top brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Audi, and so many other internationally famed brands, one cannot ignore the power related to a fine looking logo. A lot of mind mapping and brainstorming is done for the creation of these famous and iconic images, with the utmost utilization of the correct colors and creating a funny story.

The logos are a kind of communication sources that are used to express a firm’s inherent values Needless to mention, there is a long story regarding logo services and design. We are now living in a virtual world. In simple words, the logo design of your business can virtually be a difference between company X brand’s success and to its failure.

The professional logo design service will help you express yourself differently from your competitors in the marketplace. The exceptional logo designs are not something that should be changed once, then kept static whether it is about simply updating your social media accounts, keeping a website, or updating the firms’ policies.

So, in order to let you know and keep updated about hot and not trends of in the world of advertisement, here are exceptional logos that are brewing in 2019;

  • The Peculiar Retro Style

As the flared bell bottoms are making their way back glamorously in the clothing fashion industry, similarly, the retro styling has found its way back into the professional logo design service.

While going for the retro style logo designs, you have an edge over the competitors as it leaves so much room for personalization and creativity as well. While capturing the brand’s core identity in a unique way, many retro-style logo designs have the appeal of keeping in line with the ever-green fame and popularity.

The retro-styled logo designs are very popular, yet that it is still unique looking and far from played out. The whole retro collection is the creative, most beautiful, the best and the inspiring. Whatever the style logo services end up using, make sure it ends up speaking all basics about your company and its motive.

The Negative Space Logo Design

The simple logo rules over the competitors and turns out to be the better. Same goes for the negative space logo design. It presents the simplest of the designs yet still being iconic, innovative and easy to recognize. It is a kind of a logo design that fulfills all of your branding requirements in one package.

The negative space logo utilizes the background of an image in order to create another image in a unique and ingenious way. Such smart designing convey the customers or the consumer’s multiple thoughts and visions as they want to see the product for themselves but in a good way. Don’t forget about the fact that people are more in love with the mystery and curiosity and what is hidden but still conveying the message.

With the negative space logo, a company is easily able to incorporate multiple definitions into one simplest design which serves its best as an illusionary artistic masterpiece. Let the professional logo design service do their best and leave the rest to the intellectual minds of your consumers after fueling their inspiration with your ingenious negative space logo designs.

The Flat Designed Logos

Do you know about KISS? The Keep It Simple, Stupid… KISS

This idea is picking up steam as the upcoming or emerging firms are trending with their logo designs following the same idea. Every year, major brands, as well as international companies, upgrade their logos to keep up with the expectations of their customers and to be in their loyalty feedback. Mostly they end up heading for the simpler and minimalist designs.

The Line Art

One of the exceptional logo designs of all is the creation of complex designs that incorporates the even, thin and monochrome lines, usually black in color. It has got famous from the food industry but now in the trending ideas, it is emerging as the most likely designs for other sectors as well.

This complex yet imaginative and thought-provoking logo design is known for evoking a feeling of minimalism but with complicated imagery. The line art logos can be either continuous or enclosed ones or with an only black and white background or as per the trending ideas of 2019, can be colored as well.

Emoji in Exceptional Logo Designs

Well, what in this world of 2019 without social media and the internet? Emoji have historical emergence and are still the trending idea. It is likely that most of the firms initially thought incorporating emoji in their logo designs will be immaturity in sense of professionalism but at the same point, they were convinced that such ideas can better connect their products with youth and new young consumers.

A cute, pretty happy face or any other emoji can instantly change the mood of the consumer. Especially if your product is about entertainment and kids, you better get creative with emoji in your logo design and get all of their attention.


When it comes to the exceptional logo designing, the hot and not ideas are always changing. Even from the start of 2019, the logo industry has seen the emergence and growth of several intriguing trends and it will keep alternating.

Meanwhile, you will also witness many colorful and bright logos that empower numerous brands up to the top of the fame ladder. So, if you are about to design a logo or thinking of owning one, go for what describes your company. The simplified and minimalist logos will play best if you decide to stay low-key but still impress with elegant styles but don’t forget to be creative and to bring a special artistic vibe to the overall logo design.

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Important Considerations When Redesigning a Logo

If the website of any company or organization is the face of it, then the voice of that company is certainly the ‘logo’ made by professional logo design service. The logo is definitely your identity. In those very first and crucial moments when a visitor or user arrives on your website, your logo has got all the abilities in order to create and establish the trust, to easily convey your organization’s message. Your design logo service is also important to show enough interest in the visual sense that somebody will wish to take out the time and get to know about your company as better as it can.

But only when you create the interest via design logo services.

One of the daily struggles and efforts as Creative Director is about helping clients for making them understand the vitality of creating a lusty logo. So many times we really think about a logo design for the business which revolves around an image or somehow we hold a certain belief in our minds that it truly does not matter how our logo looks like. All the aspects of a logo design matter when you have to convey your message related to your brand towards the mass. The logo which you create in order to represent the brand over online or offline platforms will definitely create a significant influence on how the public perceives you as a company with the help of your marketing materials or the website.

Here are some of the considerations to have in mind whenever you go for logo redesign:


Magnificent logos are designed based on two aspects – great design and a concept that is termed as great. The concept, for sure, has to arrive in mind first.

As discussed above, the goal related to your logo should be predominantly to convey the message which is underlying and values which are attached or associated with your own brand. What is the true identity of your brand in the relevant market and what are the emotions that your brand is trying to incite? What are the aspects which make your brand a unique proposition?

To help build this, it is often recommended to the client to jot down a list containing the words they feel excellent defines their brand; how others would perceive it or what rank think to wish to see of their brand. On the basis of this particular list, we as the designers make ourselves able and aware to identify and craft a direction which is conceptual. Then it used as a foundation as to where the logo should be taken.

For instance, if I get a chance to make a list of items that define a particular brand, that list may have a look described below:

  • Digital
  • Creative
  • Exceptionally talented
  • Rebellious
  • Rock stars
  • Integrated
  • Innovative etc.


Before making a commitment to making a new logo design as a professional logo design service, have a look towards the landscape which is competitive. How the competitors of yours identifying themselves? What are their call to action scopes and ideas in relation to their brands or what is the call to action aspects they are not giving attention? What are the logo designs which are in existence and you have strong feelings that they would work well?

The objective of making competitive research is to obtain an idea of different kinds of logos that you give priority, what ideas which are considered as too crowded, and what is your wish as to where your logo should reach. Your objective must not recycle efforts or copy others.

There also comes some of the points in the thinking process where there are some questions to ask that will certainly hone you to discover your brand identity. Some questions that are thrown to the clients are as follows:

Are you:

  • Cutting edge vs traditional
  • Evolutionary or Static
  • In your face vs Reserved

Your replies as against these questions will definitely have an immense impact on typography, colors, how you think about yourself, and other miscellaneous concepts about your branding and design.

Your logo should be changing…. But how much?

Remember when the famous brand JC Penney went to change their logo and the whole web savvy went totally berserk and there was an utter uproar? Or when the famous coffee shop Starbucks went for updating the logo and experts were screaming that the brand might go unrecognizable.

When redesigning and rebranding your logo, it is quite vital to examine any equity that you may have along with your currents assets or logo. This evaluation or examination will surely be a muscular factor as to how the design of the logo is approached. Is it a complete redesign or just a mere update to the logo? Many a time there exist a small hesitation regarding the creation of a new logo and how customers will understand and follow the transition. With a clever and strategic marketing tactic in place, a subtle rollout can definitely be determined. In fact, it can easily lead to unlocking the opportunities in spreading your consumer base. Spreading the word helps that transformation and helps to plunge consumer awareness.


It does not require much time to note the drastic influence the web now has on the composition of the logo. As business owners and designers, we did not require to be worrisome like this before up to this much extent. But now the world is changing continuously and this will continue in the future.

During the process of your design, it is an important factor as to where and how your logo would be utilized.

When considering the logo’s web usage, for example, banner ads, platforms of social media, and mobile application’s icon, etc. the logo’s structure and composition needs to be well thought out plus flexible for all such uses. And it should definitely do well astonishingly on the banner ads and should flourish on all digital platforms.

The impacts described above should be taken during the thinking process. It will surely result in success.

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Responsive logos: what they are and why you need one

With the increasing trend of new mediums for doing advertisement and shrink in the sizes of the screens, something related to branding is rapidly becoming apparent in terms of business owners: logos now are not “one size that fits for all”.

So responsive logos came along. You will now ask, what is that? Shape-shifting logos are termed as responsive logos which vary in sizes, colors or even in terms of complexity levels just to adapt and accommodate to be placed wherever they are to be. Think about a trend related to logo design in original, responsive logos designed by Professional logo design service provider are now taken as more of a practical need rather than a fad. In addition to this, now there are quite a few places available where your logo can be placed as compared to the past two decades. While all these places are wide in terms of sizes. The old rule that says “Do not go for a change in the logo” which was like a canon for quite a few years? Now, the rule will keep you behind in the race.

It does not matter whether you are hearing it for the very first time about the term “responsive logos” or you now are considering action to make a responsive logo for yourself from Professional logo design service provider, the coming few paras will definitely guide you everything that you really require to know. What they really are? Why we are in need of them and how one can design them for him or herself.

The history related to responsive logos

You have heard of the word “responsive” like a buzz and a lot of time. This term was pitched originally to define how the website “responds” or adapts to various screen sizes. The goal is to appear always at the best for the website – irrespective of the phone, tablet or desktop. In recent times, the word is borrowed by logos to explain their own capabilities related to size-shifting.

But in reality, the logos that are responsive in nature have been in existence far longer in comparison to responsive websites, or the internet even!

Over the past century, companies have undergone experimentation with numerous logos that are contextual to suit the specified location or the print medium. Sometimes, companies to mistake by draining the color from the logo of their brand for newspapers which are printed in black-and-white. Sometimes they add more decorations and flourishes in order to make an impressive looking letterhead.

Even before the common usage of smart devices like tablets or smartphones, to the subtle change of logos had some practical benefits. It does not mean that responsive logos should be different altogether in comparison to each other. Instead, it is about the creation of various models of a similar thing. Then optimizing the same to best fit various contexts.

As the evolution of marketing, an idea took great appreciation that the logo must remain consistent for the persistence of brand recognition. There is some truth regarding this idea (consistency is crucial too with the logos that are responsive). But to be so rigid about logo change at all should be counterproductive. It is more understandable that to optimize a logo due to its context as compared to a logo designed by custom logo design service provider which is based on copy-paste and is designed for the tiny business cards and on a billboard.

Big thanks to increasing popularity of smart devices and eventual spread of their size of screens, brands commence to rethink the mentality of “don’t play with the logo”. To be precise, where we have reached today: What at one point of time seems as faux pas of advertising is now considered as best practice. In the next few years, it will be considered the norm.

Responsive logos? Necessary!

There are obvious benefits as far as responsive logos designed by custom logo design service provider are concerned. Considering the necessity for companies to place their logos on different places, it is next to impossible to utilize the same version of the logo in different places without the playing with it a little.

Let’s just kick off with the screen size. Alone the demand of mobile browsing ignites necessity for the requirement of one different or alternative version, at least of the logo.

But we are moving on lately into even smaller smartphones. For instance, smart bracelets, smart watches and you never know the smart glasses in the near future. If you think your logo has flattened looks on the phone, wait for the time when your logo would be filled right at the corner in your screen’s AR application.

Also, we have got small ads inside your gadget’s tiny screens. Even for the desktop site’s advertisement, your advertisement is more likely to look shrunk. The effect is two times, which looks bad on smart devices.

Print and environment

In the outer world of digital space, different companies are in the exploration of diverse and new avenues for the purpose of doing advertisement. In traditional methods such as promotional swag (hats, bags, pens, t-shirts, etc.) you definitely need to think about the size of the logo as well as how it will look on various printed materials.

And we must remember the growing vogue of guerrilla marketing where logos unexpectedly appear in public spaces, such as graffiti murals instead of billboards. It can also be taken as, brands which are non-digital strictly require flexibility to incorporate in its logo.

Video is also a type of stylish logo which is mostly under-utilized such as an animated logo. With more companies are coming towards video content, specifically on different social media platforms, brands in the same industry can imitate the similar motion effects which logos of film studio have used decades ago.

Currently, the time has arrived for responsive logos, bigger or smaller brands alike. Large companies are capitalizing on how much their customers’ know their brands by doing experimentation with abstract variations.

Responsive logos are the best marketing tool. I hope that the points explained above will certainly help you to understand the responsive logos logic.


Responsive logos: what they are and why you need one