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Why It Is Important To Invest In Professional Logo Design?

For every brand or company, the logo has the value of the business card – this is the reality which no one can deny. Professional logo design service will definitely have a profound influence as to how your brand is taken by the consumer. It will transfer confidence, totally take the audience by storm, and make the logo memorable for them. Still, so many types of businesses take the help of their virtual resort to inexpensive solutions. But you know what? A custom logo design service which will cost you £5 is nothing but a lie. Anyone who is offering the service in this kind of budget will definitely make your company or brand look very sloppy, amateurish and cheap. It would be great if you have zero care about the success of your brand. So if you are thinking in these lines then the coming paragraphs are not for you. But you are serious about your company’s success then this blog post will certainly provide a guideline for you.

Slick Logo: Way to win customers

The power lies in a logo looks like (duh!) It has been proved scientifically that masses identify the images more quickly and relate with those images much instantly as compared to the textual image. Only those logos which are designed with utmost care can finally communicate with your audience and can completely convey the message and core values of the company.

Just make an image about logo design, which has awful looks, in a business card or ad. By this background you would instantly imagine two or three young guys who are in pajamas and are totally inexperience sitting on a cheap laptop (yes! outsourcing your custom logo design service does not take you in the category of rich folks), trying their best to pull off something with the help of clipart.

Now imagine you just come across a logo design which is beautiful and visually appealing on which someone must have given quite a few hours to give the appealing look (now that is the way!). You know instantly that this company which has this type of logo has a genuinely professional approach towards logo design. It also suggests that the company is serious, experienced and have the habit of treating their customers and the business alike; which should be the way.

And the way mentioned above is the only way to win your customers as far as professional logo design service is concerned. The logo designed in this way incite the positive feelings of the masses, draw the attention of the clients and compel the audience to think (or shout out in some cases). Client look for the guys who have a positive got professional attitude.

You are judged by the client over your logo

Owners of small businesses tend to save on almost anything when they are in their startup phase to minimize the costs, and it is quite understandable. But still, to save the money on the logo design can be considered as the worst decision one can make (can’t you save the money on anything else?) Your client (potential) sees the logo as a very first thing. Based on logo design, clients do the decision making as to whether they wish to work or not with you. You surely cannot see them running away from you as faster as they came to you. N0?

As against trying the skills of Paint (now it is a bit scary!) go for the option of hiring a designer who knows the art of professional logo designing. Define exactly what your goal is, sit back and relax. The designer that you select will take the ideas that you gave him, will work with those ideas and will bring up different choices for you that will suit your brand and the business. It will ultimately build the perfect relationship between your client and your brand.

Professional logo and marketing efforts go hand in hand

The final format is the most crucial aspect as far as logo design is concerned. You will receive different formats for files and among the most important one is the vector graphic format (ai, eps, pdf, etc.). These formats will enable you to utilize it in numerous sizes, from a car wraps to printed pens.

Distinguished logo sends key values and aids your business to stand out

In the world of business full of extreme competition, the image of your brand or company is of utmost importance. Your logo’s presence is everywhere – business cards, invoices, leaflets, and your website, Twitter and Facebook. The logo design’s nature should be like the one which creates an image of your company or brand. Take an example of Insurance Company, which will always be searching for a logo design that will invoke in customers the confidence and trust. The logo should be able to convey the vision, mission and key values of the company.

So how do you wish your brand to look distinguished and unique itself from the others in the market? The brand will look more memorable and effective when the bond between the company’s logo and the company gets strong.

Customers loyalty comes with a fine logo

A logo which looks successful not only has good looks but it follows the client too wherever he goes. Make sure the logo keeps make his appearance before the eyes of the customers as more as possible. Almost every time the name of your company, service or product is mentioned. Once the logo is being registered and is familiar before the eyes of your client, he will definitely trust you as a company more than anyone else. This is simply because the logo makes him feel as if he knows you since forever. The guys in the research department name it as the exposure effect. While we name it as rocking the entire market.

We sincerely hope that the above-mentioned advice will help you to understand the logo is an essential part of your company. You can also take it as a secret weapon of marketing.

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How to Make a Logo Design Within a Week

The shell, the popular golden arches, and the famous swoosh. Almost everyone in this marketing world can now easily make a sketch of these famous designs or signs just like the lyrics of the famous song ice baby. These signs or designs have become the identity of all these mentioned designs’ bearing entities. These particular designs are called a logo. A distinctive or unique icon or symbol of any company, service, brand, idea, publication, object or person that best displays the brands and also helps to easily convey its specific message to the customers, potential or existing, in the company’s relevant industry or market.

You might have thought that this would obviously an easy and simple task to make or craft any logo, but it definitely is not. To design or make a memorable or tremendous logo that hits the desired target is impossible or near to impossible. Unless you have something called as mind reader or, instead, lose the tightness of your thinking. So to aid to sharpen the procedure of the mind reading, I believe it would, of course, be intelligent to share or divide with you a procedure or process if we talk about the design making system of a logo for your client called as resume bear.


Majority of the times it is dependent upon your approach as to how one or you take it, the professional logo design service or custom logo design service will tell your tentative mood. It is most likely that your brain has a little bit of hint related to a very serious tone, maybe. But, have thinking as if you have some demographic wants or your client wish to have the flavor of something in relation to both.

There is an existence of some serious danger to look towards one extreme in comparison to another while you still are designing your logo for your professional logo design service. Think for example a tattoo of a company which has its own level of performance. Probably, quite like a music sense of U2, a brand will change its direction from its original style just with the help of polishing the edges, bringing in a shadow or providing it a brand new twist to remain on top of the current or running time. But sometimes, a company go on to keep its original image to maintain the connection with its customers who are loyal as well as potential future customers. It all narrows down to the mood that will certainly remain the same now. Does it bring a smile on your face? Does it make you cozy inside out? Does the professional logo design service feel it is enough as trustworthiness? Or is it nothing for yourself?

Research is the key for sure. And it is the truth.

Firstly, you should have to ask trillion questions to the client of yours. This will aid to clear the ambiguities. And through receiving the answer for the question no. 1,342, it is obvious that you would take the information which you perhaps not even think before, which now is your CenterPoint to chalk out your planning blackboard. It will annoy to ask many different questions. But, it would perhaps hurt to give the client 13 to 14 logo designs and make them take the decision. Just because asking too many questions is a bad way to go.

The second aspect is to figure out the real taste of the client. Ask them exactly what they are their favorite aspects about the logo designs and what are the reasons behind? What if your logo design in making pushes them to drag further? Some of the clients, on this subject, will have many ideas in their thinking. They will for sure help you for the creation and development of an understanding of what are their expectations from you like the logo designer. While some of the clients will obviously have no idea in terms of what their wants are. They want to just get their job done in time. This is the point where you would find yourself comfortable about the client’s wishes.

In my honest opinion, if you have a look in the surrounding environment, you will probably find something, which provides the direction for crafting a custom logo design service in terms of feel, look, and style. So this activity of look around and observe will might force your head in terms of planning in a particular way. This will probably save some of your valuable. There is no requirement for the reinvention.



A logo you crafted just a minute ago might be good, but unfortunately, it is not finished line. If you assume yourself lucky to design the exact logo just as per the needs of the client, it will certainly not take you far. So it is important to inquire from the client the real purpose of the logo you just designed. Do they have the plan to use the logo for a business card or the stamp card? Or they are planning to further use it for pasting it on their website and letterhead too. Also are they planning to further take the logo for branding it all over the sides of the four walls of the building, and cars? Furthermore, think it like a company associated with a snowboard. There are quite bright chances that the client will take your logo design on their spiffy snowboard logo designs. Or they even might print the logo onto their hats and gloves.

In the case of Resume Bar, they wished to print the logo published on the business cards, letterhead, and websites. They also might want your logo designed on pens and water bottles to distribute to college and university students for the goal of promoting their brand. So that the logo design should look cool.

It also provides us the lesson that the logo should also be legible too. It obviously does not mean that the logo is textually legible. Legible means the logo should be readable with no hindrance regardless of the place where it is imprinted.

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How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business

If you have thought for a startup or a small sort of business, you have probably accurately had an awareness of how important role graphic design plays in structuring your firm or company. In a similar passion, you must have an idea about how costly and expensive it can turn out to be in order to hire out graphic designers for certain projects.

This is why it is crucial to have some knowledge about the basics of the graphics designs Custom logo design yourself. In addition to this, the more graphics you can learn to design yourself, the better it will be for you to have a certain amount of control over the appearance or look of your brand.

If your company or brand is similar to mine, your initial project for graphic design would be big together with the logo of yours and a proper brand guide. Before you involve into the fundamentals of selecting or picking kinds of stuff like font and color, be sure about yourself that you have knowledge about the personality you desire for your business to be encapsulated.

The design or Custom logo design is more about the personality and it revolves around how you get that particular personality towards your customers. Take an example of Media Company which serves the society’s young women. This business will tend to have a look which is fun, feminine, and relatable without being a girly look at the same time. As this business will get into making design decisions, they will regularly come back to the above principles in order to make sure, they are representing the personality of the business in the correct and desired manner.

So, if you are confident and knowledgeable about what your business is. Then it is rather perfect time to ponder about picking some color and right font.

Finding the font

Typography is a crucial aspect of any graphic design brands logo design.  It does not simply translates or describes the name of your business, but it also communicates the personality of your company. Many companies or firms link the font of their brands, directly to their profits. For instance, Footwear (White Mountain) is of the opinion that they calculated a 20 percent jump in their revenue after they underwent for redesigning of their font. There are generally three forms of fonts, to make a choice in between. Each form comes up with its strong points and weaknesses. While each form has dozens of varieties.

Serif font comes under the category of classic. Think of Times new roman, academia and fonts used in newspapers. A research study on how each font impacts trust. It was found that the font Serif had a dramatic and significant (statistics-wise) effect on either the readers found certain quotes trustworthy or they simply ignore those quotes. So if you are thinking about using a professional vibe, traditional look font, just go for a serif font. But at the same time, it is important to beware that it can give a feel of being outdated; specifically on the website.

Using Sans Serifs are generally the favorite type of font over the internet. Think of a tech startup, lifestyle blogs, and Helvetica. It has a modern and neat look. It is also comfortable to read. Even when it is used in small size. So if you are thinking of a new, fresh and a font which is readable in look, choose sans serif. The only aspect to be concerned is your write up will look alike others in the market. Because this font (sans serif) is so very common that they are generally not feasible or a go-to way to make your business look separate from the rest in the business. “Google” is the most perfect sample for a logo which uses Sans Serif font.

Fonts like script can turn out to be tricky and complicated. They generally have a tremendous amount of personality. They more often than not can be elegant, creative, natural and/or casual. But at the same time, they can look to be very difficult when it comes to reading purposes. Any font for the business logo to be loveable is script font. This font generally fits with the persona of many businesses. It is fun to use while it is youthful too.

Important Note: You can come across hundreds of fonts to make a choice from. If you are roaming around online resources. Some are free while some are available in return of paid license for commercial usage. There are a variety of resources to find different fonts for business logo design such as font squirrel, Google fonts, and dafont, etc.

Choosing the colors

Colors are in themselves contain a huge amount of personality. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of customers are of the opinion that color has a lot of say in increasing the recognition of any brand.

Logos’ colors of few companies represent different sort of feelings. Red, for example, represents excitement, youthful and bold. Orange represents friendliness, confidence, and cheerfulness. Yellow color brings clarity, optimism, and warmth. Green color shows health, growth, and peace. Blue color invokes strength, dependability, and trust. Purple color represents imaginativeness, wisdom, and creativity. While black and white depict calmness, neutral and balanced personality.

The above-explained meanings, in fact, become different on the basis of what color shade you are contemplating to use. As a matter of fact, if you take a close look at a blue color; different shade gives different meanings.

Classic navy represents the Gap blue color. Google’s blue represents fun. While different companies use pastel or sky blue. Women generally prefer to have soft colors. On the other hand, men generally like bright colors. Moreover, women like shades (colors mingled with white) while men go with tints (colors mingled with black).

If you have an intention of using multiple colors in your brand or logo, research reveals that the general public prefers those color combinations which have similar hues (like purples and blues). While if you get an intention to look for color (an accent), the same research revealed that color with predominant contrast to your palette is likely to be more effective.